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Why Brain Food is Essential for a Healthy mind?

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The importance of brain food for the fitness of the mind is always a question among people. The food that we consume affects the way our brain is structured and its health.


Having a diet that can boost the brain’s function can help in the long and short term.


The brain requires a lot of energy to function. It can consume up to 20 percent of all the calories available in the body to help you maintain your concentration throughout the day.


Along with calories, the brain also needs nutrients to stay healthy. For example, Omega-3 fatty acid helps repair and build brain cells.


The antioxidants present to reduce stress and inflammation on a cellular level, connected to the aging of the brain and neurodegenerative disorders.


Apart from this, certain other foods help maintain an active brain and play a vital role in the importance of brain food and aid in its functioning and overall well-being and


Importance of brain food for a healthy mind:


Eating healthy helps with your weight and keeps your brain healthy. Healthy food has a lot of benefits that you might not even know.


Apart from physical, there are several other important of brain food for mind fitness. The importance of brain food include:



1 Helps build your self-esteem:


Self Esteem | Brain Food


The article written by Shirley W. Kaplan, it is being advised that “Self-esteem begins with our bodies,” and it signifies the importance of brain food.


Important brain foods help build a positive sphere of mind that leads to positive brain energy and ultimately positive body image.


Our mind is connected to our body via different bodily mechanisms. Thus, eating healthy and brainy foods will help build and maintain that positive mindset and, thus, overall self-esteem.



2 Improvement in your overall energy:


Improve in Energy | Brain Food


As per research by Harvard Medical Center, a balanced diet will help maintain the stock of the body’s energy to function. It tells about the importance of brain food.


A balanced diet includes a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and whole-grain and vegetables.


Moreover, it is also recommended to eat small meals at a frequent interval to maintain the energy stock and prevent losing the same at an alarming rate.



3 Increase in the overall brain function: 


Brain Function | Brain Food


As per the research done by WEB MD, it is recommended to eat foods that aid in brain functioning, such as rich in Omega acids like salmon, etc.


Eat foods rich in antioxidants, prevent building Free radicals, and help avoid healthy brain cells’ degeneration.



4 Reduces symptoms of depression: 


Depression | Brain Food


What we eat and what we are is reflected by brain health and affects the importance of brain food.


Depression is a mental state, is very much influenced by the foods we eat and the diet we take.


Regarding the diet, it is recommended to include minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and yes, a lot of water as it is the quintessential constituent of our body.



5 Helps boost your mood:


Boost Mood | Brain Food


According to the study conducted by the University of Dartmouth, UK, the importance of brain food has its significance. It helps maintain the overall attitude or psychic level.


Thus, to keep the general healthy brain level and activity, a perfect and well-balanced diet includes overall food sources like whole grains, nuts, seeds, etc.



Five best brain food for a healthy mind:



Brain Food



Certain foods are considered very good for the brain’s health and resemble the importance of brain food. To know about the foods which are best among the best for your brain, read below:


1) Dark Chocolate:


They contain flavonoids, which are antioxidants and play a vital role in the importance of brain food.


Antioxidants are essential for the brain as it is at a high risk of having oxidative stress, which results in age-related cognitive decline and brain disease.


The flavonoids present in the dark chocolate are suitable for the brain as it helps the brain develop neuron and blood vessel in parts that are involved in memory and learning.


They even stimulate blood flow in the brain.


As per some researches stating the importance of brain food, it is also known to reverse memory problems in snails.


As per a study in 2018, dark chocolate having at least 70 percent cocoa has shown a brain-boosting effect on humans.



2) Berries:

Berries are also known to have ample antioxidants, which makes them suitable for the brain.

As said previously, they help in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation on a cellular level. The antioxidants of berries consist of anthocyanin, caffeic acid, catechin, and quercetin.


As per a review done in 2014, antioxidants in berries have positive effects on the brain, which includes:


  • Improved communication between brain cells


  • Reduced inflammation in the body


  • Increased plasticity, which encourages the formation of new brain cells, boosted learning and memory


  • Reduction or delay of age-related brain diseases


Berries that can be good for health care:


  • Strawberries


  • Blackberries


  • Blueberries


  • Blackcurrant


  • Mulberries


3) Nuts and seeds:

Nuts and seeds are rich in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty, which increase brain function in older age.


With age, a person is more susceptible to oxidative stress, and Vitamin E supports brain health in old age. So, nuts and seeds play a vital role in the importance of brain food.


The nuts which have high Vitamin E and enhances the importance of brain food include:


  • Sunflower seeds


  • Almonds


  • Hazelnuts


4) Whole Grain:

Another way to get Vitamin E is by using whole-grain as they are a good source of it and also help the human brain in other different factors as well. 


A Wholegrain food consists of:


  • Brown rice


  • Barley


  • Bulgur wheat


  • Oatmeal


  • Wholegrain bread


  • Whole-grain pasta



5 Coffee:


Coffee is also a rich source of antioxidants. It is also rich in caffeine, which makes the person energetic and encourages focus.


It also increases the brain’s capacity to increase focus. The consumption of coffee has been linked to the reduction of:


  • Cognitive disease


  • Stroke


  • Parkinson’s disease


  • Alzheimer’s disease


Though it has its benefits, it affects sleeping patterns and is not highly recommended for everyone.



The Bottom Line:


The importance of brain food can be understood from the above views. The food we eat determines the way we live.


The way we live determines our well-being and overall mental health and enhances the importance of brain food.


The mental state needs to be maintained, which can be done by ensuring a proper diet that includes all the micronutrients and macronutrients. 

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