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What to Eat Before Morning Workout?

What to Eat Before Morning Workout | Featured


Most people do a workout in the morning and they are always confused about what to eat before a workout so that they can have a good amount of energy in them. Be with this content and we will answer all your questions 🙂


This content is divided into two parts for your Early Morning Workout Routine:


  1. For those who do cardio in the morning
  2. Those who do weight training in the morning


Cardio Vs. Weight Training | Morning Workout


Tips of the day: Always do weight training first then go for the cardio 🙂


Let’s get start:


Those who do weight training in their morning workout session try not to eat much before a workout, try to eat something more in carbs & protein 45 min to 1 hr. before going to the gym that would be enough for you.


In morning workout session most of the professional bodybuilders what they do is they mix oats and protein with the help of a blender and then they go for exercise. That’s also a nice trick which everyone can follow.


But what for those who don’t like Oats much, what for them, here I have something for you, my friend 🙂


Take 1 to 1.5 scoop of protein, add one banana in it, and if you want to add some creaminess or flavor into it then add some amount of Soya Milk in it you will get a good flavor.


And those who cannot take liquid in the morning due to any reason, here is the solution my friend 🙂


Those who don’t want to take liquid can opt for a solid diet which includes 1 slice of toasted brown bread or whole wheat bread, with it you can take 3 to 4 egg whites and one yellow that would be enough.


The idea of giving the above diet suggestion is that you need to keep the source of protein lite so that it would get digested easily. And in protein there are only 2 sources of it which have easy digestibility as compared to others, first is ‘Whey Protein’ & other one is ‘Eggs’.


Egg Content | Morning Workout


On the other hand, if you go for other sources like ‘chicken’ in non-veg  & ‘soya milk’, ‘cheese’ & ‘others’ in vegetarian then their digestion process is very slow and in the morning we don’t have that much time with us.


And if we talk about carbs by nature they digest faster than protein. So to keep it simple try to choose either between ‘Whey Protein’ and ‘Eggs’.


Guys now let’s talk about those who went to the gym only for Cardio in their morning workout routine 🙂


Cardio people do in order to lose weight or fat and to keep themselves healthy. There is a myth in the mind of people that if we do cardio-empty stomach we will lose muscles, that is not at all true!


It only happens when you don’t keep your diet proper in the longer run, muscle loss never happens as easily as it cannot be gained easily.


So if you do cardio in your morning workout then go for a carb-rich diet (toasted brown & wheat bread, boiled potatoes, bananas, etc., etc.), apart from this you can supplement them from BCAA, as BCAA is carb mimicar it is a good option. Taking supplements is your choice.


Hopefully, you found this content helpful in making your morning workout better. Happy Gyming!


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