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How to Increase IQ Level? Proven Techniques

Featured | How to Increase IQ


You can find many theories related to IQ level on the internet. Some say that we are born with a fixed IQ level and one cannot increase IQ level.


While according to some theories IQ level is not fixed we can increase IQ level with the help of proper training and techniques.


But what is the truth? Can you change your IQ level or not?


People can never stop arguing. But according to the study “Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory” by Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl, John Jonides, and Walter J. Perrig state that:


1) It is possible to increase Your IQ level


2) IQ is determined by several factors which include both genetic as well as non-genetic factors


3) IQ is not fixed at birth. If you have a low IQ level in school that doesn’t mean that you will have a low IQ level all your life


How to Increase IQ level?


Iq + Eq


With the help of certain techniques, you can train your mind to develop your IQ level and skills. Remember, it is in your hands you can change your IQ level for the better or the worse.


What are the techniques to increase IQ level?


Here, we will tell you about some proven techniques to increase IQ level. These techniques are from various studies and researchers.


So, if you practice these techniques daily you will be able to find improvement in your Intelligence quotient.


1) Meditation: Research conducted in 2010 found that:


Meditation | Increase IQ


  • Practicing meditation for the long term improves the functionality of the brain


  • In this research, participants with no prior meditation experience were given 4 sessions of training


  • After 4 days participants could experience the changes in mood, working memory, verbal fluency, and mindfulness


Hence, by practicing meditation daily you can improve your IQ level.


You can meditate by:


  • Using meditation apps such as Calm, Medito, Let’s Meditate, Headspace, etc. There are many other options which are there on Play Store and App Store


  • There are ample meditation videos on YouTube


  • You can also attend meditation classes



2) Play “Dual n-Back”- It has been developed by Neuroscientist as a working memory brain training game


Dual n Back | Increase IQ


  • Working memory is short-term memory. Different people have different working memory capacities


  • Working memory capacity is the quantity of information your mind can hold in a given period


  • According to a study published by Susanne M. Jaeggi, “Dual n-Back” is one of the best techniques to increase IQ level. The study stated that it showed outstanding results


  • You can download “Dual n-Back” from different app stores. It is available on both platforms -Android and IOS



We also suggest you try this technique. You can rely on it completely.



3) Image Streaming- You can use this technique to reach 180 IQ. The technique is as follows:


Image Streaming


  • First, you have to close your eyes.


  • Relax your body and mind.


  • With your eyes closed, you have to imagine and visualize any situation, thing, and object. For example- You can describe a room.


  • Now, you can describe the entire image you have in your mind to yourself or to someone sitting next to you. The description should have every detail of the room.


  • Describe the image using 5 senses. Like what you feel, taste, smell, sound, and see. Everything should be explained in detail.



You can use this technique for 45 minutes daily for three months to see the change. This is one of the primary techniques to increase IQ level.



4) Brain Harmonics: It is a very popular and proven technique to improve IQ level.


Brain Harmonics | Increase IQ


Certain types of audios are used in this method. You can purchase Brain Harmonic audio’s from the market or the internet. The method is as follows:


  • Listen to brain harmonic audio for about 20-30 minutes daily


  • Don’t listen to it on a daily Using it for 5 days out of 7 would work


  • You have to remain mentally active and do something mentally challenging while listening to the audio


  • Your IQ can be increased by 10-15 points per month by its use



Recommended audio: The Genius Intelligence Brain Harmonics IQ Increaser Audio.



5) The Koinonia Technique (A group technique):


Koinonia Technique to increase iq


This is one of the rare group techniques to increase IQ level. It is also tested and proved by several physicists. The technique is as follows:


  • Make a group of like-minded people who can take a part in a certain type of informational discussion.


  • Decide a topic and give the topic to the members of the group.


  • Let every member of the group discuss their ideas. You need not to interrupt between anyone. Just listen to their ideas attentively.


  • After everyone has spoken, you can use that knowledge to clarify your thoughts.



You can use this technique at least once per month. The time for the discussion should depend on the topic, size of the group, quality of the content.



6) New language: A study from the journal neural image researchers which is conducted in 2012 state that:


Languages | Increase IQ


  • People who speak more than one language have a neurological advantage over other people who are not bilingual


  • Learning a new language helps to expand the hippocampus and the frontal lobe of the brain


  • Learning and memory power are controlled by the hippocampus while problem-solving skills are controlled by the frontal lobe


  • Learning a new language also helps in cognitive development. The more the cognitive development, the higher the IQ


  • There may be ample techniques to increase IQ level, but this technique also helps you to excel socially and professionally


You can learn a new language by joining regular classes. And if you don’t have time for that there are several apps and books available online which can help you in the learning process. Duolingo is one of the most popular apps that you can use for learning.




The IQ of an individual is determined by a multitude of factors. Genetics may affect the person’s IQ but with the help of certain techniques, your IQ can be changed for good.


These were some tested and proven techniques to increase IQ level. You can also try chess, musical training, juggling, and journal writing for increased brain activity.


It is recommended that you use one technique at a time.



Written by: Ritika Mittal

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