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Is nutrition more important than exercise?

Featured | Is Nutrition More Important then Exercise?


It is always seen that nutrition is more important than exercise as exercise makes us spend energy and to balance our spending, we need to take nutritious food and get that energy back.


Nutrition is the process in which we take in food for the growth & repair of the body. Exercise is the physical activity or movement of the body to make the body strong and healthy but if you think only exercising can give you a good shape and health then you are wrong my friend.


Why Nutrition has a higher impact than exercising?


Nutrition always has a higher impact on bones and increases strength than exercise as nutritious food comprises a sufficient amount of protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, calcium, and carbohydrates which functions in body metabolism. All these nutrients have their own benefits and that is why they constitute to form a healthy and fit body.


Our body should have a composition of 70% nutrition and 30% exercise.


So why people stress exercising so much?


Why People Stress on Exercising? Nutrition


Because just like nutrition is very important for us to have our proper body functioning similarly exercising also helps us in getting rid of stress, anxiety, mental ailments and also helps us in improving our body physique.


These days most of the individuals have an interest of going to the gym and building up their body but it is always recommended to take a protein-rich diet with the exercise and also a lot of people take supplements to fulfil their needs of carbohydrates and protein as gym supplements are rich in proteins and carbohydrates and so in order to build up their muscles, they take supplements, therefore we can see that nutrition is very important with exercise.


People can have their muscles stronger by exercising but with that to repair body tissues, a proper nutritious diet is supposed to be taken.


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So, what all thing needs to be there in my nutrition plan?


As we all know that only proteins and carbohydrates cannot help us in proper growth and maintenance of the body and so it is recommended to have all the nutrients in adequate amount.


All the vitamins such as vitamin A like cheese, eggs, etc., vitamin C like oranges, broccoli, etc., vitamin D like cereals, egg yolks, etc., vitamin E like almonds, spinach, etc.,  vitamin K like green leafy vegetables, etc., calcium-rich products such as milk, soybeans, cheese, yogurt, etc., protein-rich foods such as lentils,  milk, chicken, etc.


Mineral-rich products such as nuts, avocados, cocoa, beans, eggs, etc.,  carbohydrate-rich foods such as fruits, nuts, and legumes, starchy vegetables, sauces, and condiments, etc.,  and fat-rich foods such as cheese,  oil, butter, ghee, dark chocolates, etc., all of these nutrients are supposed to be present in our diet.


Proper nutrition with exercise also helps in weight loss as it is the human tendency to keep on eating for the whole day and maximum children and teenagers are more likely to have interest in junk food and all. It consists of a lot of fat that increases the number of calories in the body than the normal calorie intake and that needs to be burnt in order to have a healthy and fat-free body and that could be done by exercising.


Exercise makes us spend energy and with the release of sweat which helps us in burning calories, therefore, keeping the body away from obesity. It is the major concern of everyone to have a perfectly balanced body and so they do work hard to maintain it.


Being overweight also brings many of the diseases with itself and one of those is obesity and so it is always suggested to burn the extra weight and keep your body weight perfect.


As we know that exercise also increases our appetite because when we do exercise physical exertion takes place that increases our appetite and metabolism. The calorie intake also increases as the hunger level increases with physical exertion.


There is a correlation between nutrition and exercise:


Co-relation | Nutrition & Exercise


We see that both nutrition and exercise are linked to each other or are correlated.  Many people don’t understand the relationship that exists between nutrition and exercise but none the less fact is a fact. Without the right calorie intake and nutrition intake in our body, it is found impossible to perform the exercises in a correct and effective way.


Why we should exercise?


In past times when we exercise, we always focus on long term results but with the advancement in the technologies now everybody wants a short-term result therefore in order to have the results in a short term a lot of people skip their meal and just keep on exercising which affects their body in a wrong way making them fall ill and weak.


So always when you are exercising keep the motive clear that it is for my long-term fitness. Not for the short-term show-off or something. 🙂


Some Cons:


Cons | Nutrition and Exercise


We all know that everything has its pros and cons similarly if we keep on taking nutrition the whole day without even exercising for a long period of time then the person would definitely put on fat and become obese.


So in order to be away from such situations, we should maintain a proper balance amongst the nutrition and exercise and that is why it is always guided to take adequate amount of nutrients and should exercise every day to avoid excess weight gain.


Pro Tip: Never go the fourth day without exercising. 🙂


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Since we have talked a lot about nutrition so let’s now tell you something about what a balanced diet is?


Balance Diet


A balanced diet comprises of all types of food which provides all adequate amount of nutrition which is required by the body. The food quantity varies for an individual as per their age, gender, physical activity, and physiological status.


Adding on to it, a balanced diet should include vitamins, minerals, and non- nutrients such as dietary fibers, anti-oxidants (vitamin C, beta-carotene, riboflavin, selenium), and phytochemicals which provide positive health.


In order to achieve a balanced diet and adequate nutrition, it is important to choose from all food groups.


ICMR (Indian council of medical research) has classified food into 5 groups:




1 st Group:  Cereal and products:


Rice, Wheat, Ragi, Maize, Bajra, Rice flakes, Wheat flour, Sprouted, Cereal, and products. All these provide us vitamin B, energy, proteins, invisible fat, iron, calcium, and fibers.


2nd Group:  Pulses and legumes:


Bengal gram, Black gram, Cowpea, Peas (dry), soybean. All the pulses and legumes provide us protein, energy, invisible fat, riboflavin, folic acid, calcium, thiamine, iron, and fiber.


3rd Group: Milk and meat products:


Milk and Skimmed Milk, Cheese, Curd, and all dairy products, Chicken, Fish, Egg, meat, and all non-vegetarian products.


All of these provide us with proteins, fat, riboflavin, and calcium.


4th Group: Fruits and Vegetables:


Fruits provide us carotenoids, vitamin C, riboflavin, folic acid, iron, and fiber.


Green leafy vegetables provide us folic acid, riboflavin, calcium, iron, fiber, and carotenoids.


Other vegetables provide us carotenoids, folic acid, calcium, and fiber.


5th Group:  Fats and Sugars:


Butter, Ghee, Groundnut Oil, Coconut Oil, Hydrogenated Fat, Cooking Oils, Sugar, and Jiggery


The fats provide us energy, essential fatty acids, and fat-soluble vitamins.


Sugar and jaggery provide us energy and iron


Final Words:


Although we have seen that nutrition is more important than exercise but nutrition and exercise together make the body stronger, fitter, and gives you a good composition & physique. So exercise regularly, eat a proper amount of nutrients and stay fit.

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