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Myths Regarding Fats in Diet | Unleashing the Truth

Fats in Diet | Feature


Most people have a myth that eating fats will not help them to build a muscular body. In this article, we will see the diet one can follow for a ripped muscular body and also will understand the myth people have regarding eating fats for a muscular body.


Breaking the Myth: Explanation (Fats in Diet)


People think that eating nonfatty boiled food all the time and ignoring the other macro-nutrients (fats | carbs | protein) will give them a good muscular physique, but that thinking is completely wrong.


Fat is a very essential macronutrient & your body cannot build muscle without fats because your brain works with the help of fats & glucose, on the other hand, carbohydrate is non-essential macro-nutrient your body can live without carbs but your body cannot live without fats & protein.


So if someone suggests you a diet that contains only boiled food that it is of no use. Fats in Diet Try to have fats with it like 2 TS of olive oil or you can use any other good fatty oil.


Your body needs essential fatty acids to build muscles and to lift heavyweights.


The human body has a nature to deprive which lacks in it. So if you don’t eat the essential amount of fats then your body Fats in Diet will start holding the already existing fat and you won’t be able to burn it.


So break your myth and eat the essential amount of fat that the body needs to have a good ripped muscular physique.


List of Essential Fats in Diet:

Fats in Diet


  • Fish Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil


  • Nuts (It has omega 6 and omega 3), both are not that essential but they give you energy


  • Avocado


  • Dark Chocolate


  • Cheese


  • Egg Yellow


  • Yogurt



Now, let’s see a list of the good food with all the essential macro-nutrients (Fats | Carbs & Protein) & their calorie count: (per 100 gm.)


  1. Black Beans:: 21 Gram Protein | 1 Gram Fat | 62 Gram Carbs | 341 Calories
  2. Kidney Beans:: 23 Gram Protein | 0 Fat | 60 Gram Carbs | 333 Calories
  3. Beans Small White:: 21 Gram Protein | 1 Gram Fat | 62 Gram Carbs | 336 Calories
  4. Soya Beans:: 38 Gram protein | 25 Gram Fat | 30 Gram Carbs | 469 Calories
  5. Chickpeas:: 20 Gram Protein | 6 Gram Protein | 62 Gram Carbs | 378 Calorie
  6. Peanuts:: 25 Gram Protein | 49 Gram Fat | 16 Gram Carbs | 567 Calories
  7. Milk:: 10 Gram protein | 17 Gram Fat | 13 Gram Carbs | 242 Calories
  8. Eggs:: 6.28 Gram Protein | 4.75 Gram Fat | 0.36 Gram Carbs | 71 Calories
  9. Chicken Breast:: 30 Gram Protein | 4 Gram Fat | 165 Calories
  10. Fish:: 25 Gram protein | 10 Gram Fat


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