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List of Basic & Non-Harmful Supplements

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Hello Guys!


In this article, we are going to clear your thoughts regarding supplementation. People scare of taking supplements because of their side effects. As there are so many fake and unnecessary supplements are available in the market, it has become difficult to choose the right one without negative side effects.


Most people ask questions regarding supplements like:


  • When to take BCAA?
  • When to take Glutamine?
  • Etc. Etc.


BCAA & Glutamine Supplement


But my question is do you actually need the above supplements?


No worries! In this article, you will find answers to each and every question.


So let’s start with which all supplement do you need to support your workout because supplementation goes with your training and training goes with your diet.


All the supplements suggested in this article are non-harmful, easy to purchase and one can see good positive effects in their body after following them.


Why we are writing this article because at present there are so many supplements in the market and all of them are just to make money. Most of them are just useless and harmful for your body, your need to make sure that your bodywork on nutrient and that enough to make a good physique.


No additional product can make your physique good unless you aren’t training hard. There are very few supplements that work, fitness is a billion-dollar industry and everyone is just making money. So be aware and take correct decisions.


List of Most Effective and Essential Supplements:


These are the basic supplements which we recommend everyone should go for in addition to Whey Protein and if you have extra money then go for the rest.


Becadexamin Supplement

Number 1: Multi-Vitamin Supplement (Suggestion: Becadexamin, Easily available on Chemist Shop, 3 to 4 Capsule a day)


Evion 600 Supplement

Number 2: Vitamin E (Suggestion: Evion 600, vitamin E is very good for your skin and its health, one capsule a day)


Celin 50 Supplement

Number 3: Vitamin C (Suggestion: Celin 50, take 2 capsules after a workout, improve your immunity)



Lubrijoint Plus Supplement

Number 4: Joint Supplement (Suggestion: Lubrijoint Plus, help you to strengthen your joints)



Antoxide Supplement
Number 5: Antoxid-HC (Contain Zinc, magnesium, Copper & Selenium, after workout 2 capsules)



JusDee 2000 Supplement
Number 6: Vitamin D3 (Suggestion: JusDee 2000, Contain Vit D3, help in optimum bone and muscle health, one capsule at night before slipping)



Codliver Oil Supplement


Number 7: Cod-liver oil (Fish oil, contain omega 3 and fatty acids, take 3 grams a day i.e. 9 capsules)



Gokshura Supplement

Number 8: Gokshura (This supplement is mainly for men, it helps in boosting your testosterone level, 4 capsules before sleeping)


Pro Tip: Try to take supplements after completing your workout, because at that time body has a higher capacity to absorb all the nutrients you put in it.



& to fulfill your carbs requirement after a workout, one can take 4 slices of white bread if you are a big guy, if you are in the weight category of 70 to 75 and don’t do that much of a high-intensity workout then 2 to 3 slices is good.


So to wrap this up, the above-given list is more of nutrients in form of supplements but trust us these are the only things which are required to build a good body with cabs & protein and these supplements also not going to harm your body.


Also, answering the above-mentioned questions that when to take BCAA & when to take glutamine? These come after, if you are following the above-mentioned list properly then the role of these supplements (BCAA | Glutamine | etc.) comes in because if you are going for them then you are just skipping one step. The above list of supplements will help your body to recover from the workout does in the gym as the body demands nutrients and minerals anyhow.


Benefits of taking Essential Supplements listed above:


1 Muscle Growth:

Muscle growth happens when a person continuously challenges his muscles by lifting heavy. Most the person who goes to the gym they must have seen that when they lift weight their muscle pumps out it’s because your muscle wants to grow. And after some time it resettles at the actual size, it is because it isn’t getting the required amount of nutrients to maintain that pump. Here adding proper nutrients to your diets through supplementation are important.


2 Strengthen your Joints:

Now a day most people suffer from joint problems, the reason is we don’t have a sufficient diet for it. We eat meat but we eat only the good parts and left the cartilage. Cartilage is the smooth elastic tissues that cover the entire bone of a human body and their capability to repair themselves is limited. Because of their limited repair capacity, we suffer from the problem of joints, that why we need to add joint supplements in our diet to help them repair themselves.

Pro Tip for Joints: You take everything, carbs, protein, etc., etc. to make your muscles strong, but nothing to make your joints strong which sometimes backfires you when it comes to making a good physique.


3 Boosts Immunity:

Your immunity helps your body to fight against harmful micro-organisms. Lack of nutrition can lead to a weak immune system. So in order to get a healthy immune system, one can opt for the non-harmful supplements mentioned above for a strong immune system.


4 Improve Insulin Level:

Insulin is a Harmon that regulates the glucose level in your blood and carries nutrients in your muscles. If you have a good level of insulin in your body that means more nutrition to the muscle and for muscle growth all you need is nutrition.


Hope you liked this article, do share it in your circle to keep everyone fit and healthy!


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