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All you need to know about Corona Vaccine

Featured | Corona Vaccine


The world is fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic. To defeat the virus we need to build a strong immune system as everyone knows.


People are trying to develop vaccines that can help them identify the viruses and then fight against them. As of 18 February 2021, at least seven different vaccines are discovered and are applied to humans.


Vaccines are a critical new tool in the battle against the coronavirus, and so many people got benefitted from them.


In this article, you will come to know all about the Corona vaccination.


Main facts about corona vaccine:


  • Corona vaccine is entirely safe and functional.


  • You can have side effects after the vaccination, and these are considered usual, like pain, redness, tiredness, nausea, chills, and fever.


  • A minimum of 2 weeks is required for your body after being fully vaccinated to protect your body against the coronavirus.


  • Learning and exploring new things is the ace for any country’s development. Many countries and companies are still learning how functional and practical they are against the new strain of Covid-19.


Covid-19 caused a massive disaster to World’s economy, and as we know that everyone has a different level of immunity. So, researchers have used different approaches towards developing vaccines, and for this, they had developed variety of vaccines.


Given below are the different types of corona vaccine:

Types of Vaccine | Corona Vaccine


1) Whole Virus Vaccine:


This kind of vaccine is known as inactivated, weakened virus vaccination. It contains dead and inactive virus elements, they won’t infect you with coronavirus as it doesn’t have any live virus.


These kinds of vaccines were prepared and manufactured by Bharat Biotec, Sinovac, and the Wuhan Institute of biological products.


2) Replication-incompetent vector vaccine:


It uses adenovirus; this virus is commonly known for causing the common cold in chimpanzees. It is used in vaccines as it helps to provoke an immune response.


The scientists remolded it and made it used in Human beings. Also, it is believed that it produces a significantly stronger immune reaction.


AstraZeneca vaccine got approval in many countries as a safe COVID-19 vaccine. It is also very famous in India and tops the list in the COVID-19 Vaccine’s list.


3) Recombinant protein subunit vaccine:


This vaccine is most famous as it helps in triggering a robust immune response. Researchers are also investigating to make a vaccine that targets proteins better known as spike protein.


Novavax is the company which taken the initiative to prepare this vaccine.


4) Nucleic acid vaccine:


This Vaccine includes injecting the different genetic elements, better-called mRNA, into the live host cells. And this vaccine is considered entirely to be based on mRNA vaccine.


It is designed to target a particular pathogen. Many companies like BioNTech, Moderna, and Pfizer have developed this type of vaccine. For now, these vaccines are not commonly available for the people in India.


Safety and COVID-19 Vaccine:


  • Covid-19 is the dangerous and most communicable virus of all time. The Covid-19 cases in the United States boomed; in U.S. history, no vaccine has gone through so many safety measures while being prepared and applied to the people till their last COVID-jab.


  • The monitoring system includes everything from both established and exploring about the new monitoring systems, which help create an effective corona vaccine.


As we had come across so much about the corona vaccine, our prime focus should also be on the people’s myths.


Myths about the corona vaccine:


  • Many people think that if they take the corona vaccine, they can get sicker; it’s not true. The symptoms of covid-19, like fatigue, fever, redness, are typical after vaccination.


  • People are also confused that if they had suffered from covid-19 previously, they still need to get a corona vaccine or not? The answer to this is YES. Regardless of whether you are infected with covid-19 or not, you should get yourself vaccinated as there are possibilities that you can get infected again with Covid-19


  • There is another famous myth that the corona vaccine will affect your DNA and can alter it. It is not an actual thing, as covid-19 has nothing to do with the DNA.


COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant ladies:


  • Women who are pregnant can receive the vaccination, whichever is available to them.


  • Including the development of the placenta or the baby, till now, there is no shreds of evidence detected that it causes troubles to the pregnant ladies.


Availability of corona vaccine:


  • Vaccines will become widely available in the regions of India and across the world. People from India have to register themselves on this government portal name CoWin for vaccination driveRead this article to know: How to register yourself on CoWin?


  • It is also noted that the federal government is working towards making it possible for ordinary people at no cost.


It takes a considerable amount of time to manufacture the vaccines and distribute large numbers of vaccines. The government is aiming at providing it to increase the supply so that people get more vaccines available.


Cost of corona vaccine:


In most of India’s regions, the government is trying to provide the vaccines free of cost to all the people living in India; there is no immigration and health insurance status in it.


Given below are a few guidelines and rules to be followed by the providers of the corona vaccine:


  • They cannot deny the people who don’t have their health insurance coverage insured or in-network.


  • Government and private agencies cannot take monetary value from you in the exchange of the corona vaccine.


  • Charging any coinsurance fees, administration fees, and co-pays is not considered legit.


  • They don’t provide you additional healthcare amenities for that you need to pay for your expenses, and the providers have no role in it.


  • Remember that they don’t have any right to demand any office visits or other fees from you.




The scientific researchers do not consider the corona vaccine to be unsafe at all. But they are encouraging people to consume them.


Natural immunity is not impaired, but as the quote suggests that ‘prevention is better than cure’ makes sense that it’s better to consume vaccine acquired immunity as exposing ourselves to unnecessary health risks is unusual.


People might think that vaccines contain harmful toxins. Still, these are not the right thing to say, as many people can have brutal exposure and experience with the naturally acquired immunity but not with this. It is necessary to have them keep the rates of COVID-19 cases standard in India.


Ending on a short note, this might appear to be a relaxed moment, but in the foreseeable future, continuing the social norms like wearing masks and adopting social distancing is necessary for the complete removal of COVID-19 from our lives.

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