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6 Proven Ways to Improve Oxygen Level

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If we talk about the most important thing for our life survival then it would definitely be the life itself that is our breathing rate per minute. It directly links us with the maintenance of our oxygen level. The human body requires and regulates a very precise balance of oxygen in the blood. The normal oxygen saturation level in humans should be 95-100 percent.


If the oxygen saturation level is below 94 percent it is found to be low and if the oxygen saturation level goes below 80 percent, then it would become a problem in organ functioning such as the brain and heart and should be taken care of immediately.


And if the oxygen level is higher than the normal oxygen level then it would result in damaging cell membranes and may also cause some respiratory problems. Therefore it is very important to have an improved oxygen level for our better survival. Do you want to know how to maintain oxygen level? 🙂


6 Proven Ways to improve oxygen level:


1) Practice breathing techniques:


Breathing Technique | Oxygen Level


There is a right way to breathe but most people fail to do it that way. Even doctors recommend breathing exercises in order to improve oxygen levels and to get rid of all the chronic diseases. Calm yourself while deep breathing exercises, it help in making breathing easier and stress-free and improves the oxygen level. The major breathing techniques that can help us in increasing the oxygen level are – nose breathing and belly breathing.


In nose breathing:


  • All you need to do is sit in a comfortable and silent place and sit straight and concentrate on breathing.


  • Breathe in through the nostrils to fill the lungs, keeping the mouth closed, and then exhale through the nostrils, slowly giving out air from the lungs till you feel pressure to inhale.


  • Repeat the steps about 3-4 times and this will help us to improve the oxygen level.


In belly breathing:


  • Sit straight and put your one hand on the stomach and the other hand on your chest.


  • Inhale slowly and deeply through the nostrils, feeling the stomach expand with each breath. Then exhale slowly out of the mouth.


  • Repeat the steps more than six times per minute for 15 minutes and this will help you to improve the oxygen level.



2) Stay Fresh and Natural: 


Stay Fresh and Natural | Oxygen Level


By staying natural and keeping our environment full of plants we can improve our oxygen level and keep it maintained. Adding plants such as money plant, aloe vera plant, tulsi plant, areca palm plant, bamboo plant, etc.


We can also add natural air purifiers such as peace lily, beeswax candles, salt lamps, and bamboo charcoal in order to keep the air around us clean. By getting natural air and having proper air conditioning around us can also help us in maintaining and improving the oxygen level.



3) Consumption of Healthy Fluid: 


Consumption of Fresh Fluid | Improve Oxygen Level


Staying hydrated helps us to stay away from many diseases and keeps us fresh. Water that is H2O is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom therefore water helps us in maintaining oxygen level.


When the body is hydrated it becomes easier for blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients to different body parts. Some other sources of healthy fluid can be fresh juices as they are made up of fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in minerals and antioxidants and can help you be hydrated and fit and with hydration you can have a good supply of oxygen in the body. And so it helps us in improving the oxygen level.



4) Reduce Salt Intake:


Reduce Salt Intake | Improve Oxygen Level


Minimizing the intake of salt can help us in reducing blotting. Salt stops the pumping of fluid in the body and thus the heart has to work harder for the proper pumping of fluid. Salt can also make situations worst by showing symptoms of swelling, shortness of breath and causes weight gain.


Other than salt we can try using some herbs, spices such as turmeric and oregano which are all herbs and can help your lungs and makes breathing easier. And with ease of breathing, we can improve our oxygen level.



5) Use Pulse Oximeter:


Pulse Oximeter | Oxygen Level


Pulse oximeter helps us in measuring our oxygen saturation level.  It can measure even the small changes in how effectively our heart can pump oxygen through our body. A pulse oximeter should be kept at your place and you should regularly check your oxygen saturation level.


It causes no pain and tells us about our oxygen level easily and thus helps us in improving the oxygen level.



6) Eat Iron Rich Food: 


Iron Rich Food | Improve Oxygen Level


There are various foods that can help us to increase our oxygen level which includes your iron-rich food, as iron is a mineral that is needed for our red blood cells to carry blood around our body.


Some sources of iron-rich foods are – green leafy vegetables like broccoli, fruits such as apples, legumes, and lean proteins such as eggs. Lack of iron can cause tiredness and exertion and so iron should be taken in an adequate amount to improve the oxygen level.



Final Words:


So these were some ways which can help you to improve your oxygen saturation level. Oxygen is the most common drug used in medical care but when used in excess it causes the danger of over oxygenation which is not at all appreciated.


Therefore oxygen should always be in an adequate amount. And so these steps should be followed in our daily routine in order to have a maintained oxygen level and to get rid of all the breathing illness and chronic diseases and thus improving the oxygen level saturation in the body.


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