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How Much Whey Protein Should I Take in a Day?

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Protein is a key player when it comes to building a good muscular body, it is suggested to take a good amount of protein in a day, that can be done by eating protein-rich food and by taking the supplement protein shake.


The most popular protein supplement comes in the form of whey protein. Now, what exactly is this whey, and how it can help you with your fitness gains?


There are two types of whey protein available in the market – Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate. A major difference between the two is that Whey Concentrate contains 80% protein and Whey Isolate is 90% protein.


Both types of whey proteins are made from the milk by taking it through different processes (first the milk is converted to liquid protein and then that liquid protein gets converted to powder).


Why Whey is so Popular?


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Because it is one of the fastest sources of complete protein, most of the vegetarian food which you eat doesn’t give you a complete protein profile.


Whereas, whey protein has a rich amino acid profile which helps in building and repairing the muscles faster which means big muscles, hurray! 😀


It contains amino acids such as glutamine, dopamine aide tyrosine, nitric oxide booster arginine, lysine, glycine, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid.


It has also been proven that whey protein also helps you in improving your immunity.


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Does Whey Protein is a 100% Source of protein?

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No! Being a dairy product, it also contains some fats and sugar as well.


Does Whey Protein Help in Muscle Growth?


The global whey protein market has reached 9.4 Billion Dollars in 2020 and expected to increase with time. So, if you are spending on whey protein you need to make sure that you are not wasting your money.


When it comes to growing the muscle there are two ways for that:


  1. Building new cells to grow the muscle, known as hyperplasia
  2. Growing the size of an existing cell for big muscle, known as hypertrophy


Growth of muscle takes place with resistance & weight training and taking a diet that is rich in protein, and if you are not able to complete the protein need with your diet then supplementation is a must, especially for those who are into resistance training and weight lifting.


There is a study conducted by British Journal of Sports Management on almost 2000 people where they have put under different training sessions and observed the impact of whey protein on them.


Check out the full study on this link:


The conclusion of the study was that whey protein does help in increasing the strength and size of a muscle. Also, on average, if you are taking whey protein as a supplement you can do 1 rep more than those who are not into it.


Now Let’s have a look at the answer to the most-awaited question – how much whey protein you should take in a day for maximum benefit?


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The simple answer to the complex question which will sum up the entire thing under one roof is – when your body is in urgent need of amino acids you can take whey protein.


Almost everyone who is into body-building takes protein. Some of the common intake people do are after walking up in the morning, while not able to take a meal and after doing gym which is compulsory.


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When your Body Needs the amino acids the most?


  1. After a workout to instantly repair the muscle tissues
  2. In the morning when you wake up after 7 to 8 hrs. of fasting


These are two common situations where you must include whey protein. Apart from this it’s your choice if you have a big pocket and it allows you to do so then you can take 3 to 4 scopes of whey protein in a day. No Worries! 🙂


Hope this article helps you do share it in your fitness circle and help them to stay fit and healthy.

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