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Replace Boring Breakfast into a High-Protein Meal

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We often have heard that breakfast is counted as the most necessary meal of the day.


If you wish, then you can make the most out of your breakfast. For that, you have to take enough protein in your breakfast and replace your boring breakfast with a high protein meal and breakfast.


Boring breakfast or breakfast lacking the proteins and nutrients cannot provide you with enough energy to live energetic throughout the day.


However, if you take a high protein mealit will give you an extra benefit full of nutrients. It will also keep you energetic throughout the day.


You can take protein based on your calorie intake and other activity levels. Research says that taking 40-50 grams of protein per day can help you to build a healthy body.


10 meals to replace boring breakfast with a high protein meal


10 Meals | High Protein Breakfast


To help you replace your boring breakfast with a high-protein meal, we have come up with the ten best high protein meals for breakfast.


1 Greek Yogurt Mix:


This recipe contains 24 grams of protein. You need 2% of plain Greek yogurt, raw strawberries, fresh blueberries, sugar, mint leaves, and granola for this high protein meal.


This recipe is very healthy for your breakfast. Also, you can enjoy this in your dessert. The protein source in this recipe comes from two different sources.


The homemade granola contains almost 4 grams of protein which you can serve for each individual. Also, every 7 ounces of Greek yogurt holds 20 grams of protein. Anyone can take this high protein meal.



2 Bean Omelet:


This recipe contains 24 grams of protein. You will need black beans, eggs, feta cheese, salsa, avocado, cumin, lime, hot sauce, and pepper for making this high protein meal.


Use salt according to your taste. You can make a tasty southwest omelet by using those black beans.


Those are also full of high-protein, can cook this omelet in the morning and have it in your breakfast. Then this would be a healthy start to your day.


For making this high protein meal, you will need one can of black beans, one lime juice, half tsp cumin seed, hot sauce, eight eggs, salt, black pepper, 1 cup of feta cheese, bottled salsa, sliced avocado.



3 Cashew Butter & Raspberry Smoothie:


You can get 15 grams of protein from this smoothie. To make this high protein meal, you will need frozen raspberries, cottage cheese, cashew butter, cashew, organic plant-based beverage, and two spoons of protein powder.


The sandwich is a favorite dish for everyone. However, you can replace this with a smoothie. A smoothie is a great breakfast option.


It contains many powerful protein fibers, essential fats, and nutrients, giving you a healthy body. In this high protein, meal berries can give you polyphenols.



4 Protein Pizza:


It contains 30 grams of protein. To make this healthy high protein meal recipe, you will need eggs, ham, whole wheat muffins, salsa, butter, and low-fat cheddar cheese.


You can take your normal bread; then you can add eggs, ham, cheese, substance, and other protein. It can give you an 800-calorie breakfast.


You can add all the ingredients and eggs on the English-muffin then put some cheese on the top of that and then heat it until it is completely melted.


You can replace your boring breakfast with this high protein meal.



5 Bento Box:


This high protein meal can give you 22 grams of protein. You will need one boiled egg, half cup of cottage cheese, a half-ounce of almond, cucumbers for making this recipe.


If you do not like to take anything in the morning, then a bento box would be the right option for you. It will offer you a high dose of energy.


However, if you want to get complete nutrition, you can add some fruit or fruit juice with this high protein meal.



7 Smoothie:


To make this high protein meal, you need a banana, pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, vanilla extract, flax seeds, almond milk, and vegan protein powder.


You can easily skip your boring normal banana shake with this healthy, tasty, and filling smoothie. This drink can offer several health benefits, just like any other high-protein meal.



8 Smoked Sandwich:


You can get 24 grams of protein by having this high protein meal. It would be a perfectly healthy dish for your breakfast.


You will need Greek yogurt, Ezekiel bread, capers, red onion, baby greens, tomato, smoked salmon, salt, and pepper for making this. This simple yet high-protein meal will help you to gain mental health.



9 Blueberry and Lemon Pancakes:


You can use cottage cheese and yogurt to make this high-protein meal. This pancake contains 21 grams of protein.


However, you will need frozen blueberries, sugar, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, white whole wheat flour, lemon, baking soda, and salt for making this pancake.



9 Ham Quiche:


Ham quiche contains 10 grams of protein. You can make this high protein meal by using different flavors.


For making this, you will need a frozen pie shell, olive oil, garlic, spinach, cooked ham, cheese, eggs, milk, salt, nutmeg.


You can eat this breakfast with a cup of coffee or red wine. Ham quiche can give your morning a protein-packed start.



10 Banana Oatmeal:


If you are taking this, then you can get 14 grams of protein. You will need Oats, salt, bananas, peanut butter, almonds, agave syrup for making this.


You can add peanut butter to this oatmeal banana recipe. This high protein meal is loaded with good nutrients which can give your day a healthy start.



Benefits of having a high protein breakfast:


The body breaks the protein into amino acids. Amino acids increase the level of gut hormone peptide. This hormone sends signals into the brain.


Protein helps to cut down carbohydrate absorption. Protein also helps to maintain the blood sugar level.


Protein helps to reduce hunger, and it also helps to cut down the extra fat. This can give you a slim look. These are the main reasons why you should take a high protein meal.




If you are taking a high protein meal in the morning instead of a boring breakfast, then it can make a huge difference in your body throughout the day.


If you take any of the recipes mentioned above, it will give you a healthy body. These high-protein meals are also loaded with various flavors that offer good taste and complete satisfaction.



Written by: Ayushi Yadav

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