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Difference Between Fat Loss And Weight Loss – Actual Facts

Fat Loss Vs. Weight Loss | Featured


Still Confused what is the difference between Fat Loss And Weight Loss, in this article we will be learning the actual difference between fat loss and weight loss.


Fat Loss and Weight Loss – Major Difference


Our body is made of many components if we broadly classify them, then one factor is your body fat and another factor is your lean body mass.


Lean body mass can further be divided into water weight, bone weight, and muscle weight.


When focusing on ‘Fat Loss’ we should always consider that we aren’t losing any lean body muscle, because it will tend to weight loss automatically.


& When you are looking for weight loss, you don’t need to stress over where the weight reduction is coming from.


You could be losing things that you need like organs, bone, or muscle, and still, find yourself on the winning side with the fact that the number on the scale is going down.


Wrong Practices For Fat Loss And Weight Loss


Some people opt for the method of absolute fasting and not eating anything which is a wrong approach, it will give you weight reduction, however, it could likewise prompt infection and even demise.


So know about that 🙂


Fat Loss And Weight Loss


On the off chance that you go the fasting course, your body will get around 80 to 90% of its energy from its own muscle versus fat, which you might be cheerful about.


The main catch is that when your body abandons protein for a few hours, its own protein stores start to be appended.


At the point when it gets to this point, you are seeing organ glitch and powerlessness to move. On the off chance that this proceeds with it could take you on to death.


While there are some health improvement plans that assist individuals with accomplishing some huge weight losses, one of the issues is that they don’t go about it the correct way.


This implies that as opposed to assaulting the muscle to fat ratio, individuals are losing the slender weight that they need to keep.


With a wrong eating regimen, you might have the option to get in shape yet it will truly wreck your body.


Rather than doing anything great, these eating regimens really jumble up your entire arrangement.


You need lean body mass and the greater amount of it that you have, the better since it leads to more calorie consumption in your day-to-day life, which is always good for your health.


Below are Symptoms of an Inappropriate Diet Plan for Fat Loss & Weight Loss:


  • Losing Hair


  • Hair that is less healthy


  • Reduction in pigmentation of hair


  • Fingernail and toenail ridges


  • Dry or flaky skin


  • Muscle cramping and weakness


  • Inability or difficulty in sleeping


  • Nausea


  • Cuts and wounds that take a long time to heal


A Balance Diet Plan for Fat loss with all the Nutrients Required:


Fat Loss And Weight Loss


1) Early Morning:

Warm Water + Lemon + Awla & 7 to 8 Soaked Almonds


2) Breakfast:

a. For Veg: Moong Dal Chilla


b. For Non-Veg: Eggs Omelet with Capsicum


3) Mid-Meal (After 1 to 2 hr. of Breakfast)

Fruits (As per your taste)


4) Lunch (1 to 2 pm.)

a. For Veg: 1 Jawar/Bajara Roti + Drumstick Leaves + 1 Bowl Curd or Dal + 1 Plate Salad


b. For Non-Veg: Baked/Steamed/Grilled Fish or Chicken + 1 Chapati or 100 Gram Cooked Rice + Tomato & Cucumber Salad + Flax Seeds


After lunch make sure to take lite warm water with lemon and walk for 5 to 10 min


5) Evening Snacks:

1 Cup Curd + Apple OR Boiled Chick Peas OR 2 Boiled Eggs OR Tea/Coffee OR Green Tea


6) Dinner:

Carrot Soup OR Pumpkin Soup OR Mix Veg Soup OR Chicken Soup + Mix Vegetable Salad


Mix Vegetable Salad Recipe: Capsicum + Tomato + Cabbage + Cucumber + Paneer OR Boiled Eggs OR Soya Chunks


After Dinner, takes lite warm water with lemon and 5 to 10 min. of walking.


With this diet plan, you have to maintain a 45 min. of intense workout in your routine, as a result, you will see 6 to 7 kilo of fat loss in a month.


We hope you like the article, do share it in your circle and help everyone to keep fit and healthy.


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