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5 Career Ideas for Health & Fitness Nuts

Featured | Health and Fitness Career Ideas


Are you confused about making a career in the field of Health and Fitness? Don’t worry, this is very common.


As we all want to choose the perfect career for us in the first go and there is nothing wrong with it. Here we will help you to choose your career.


Why not turn your passion for health and fitness into a successful career?


The best thing about the health and fitness industry is that there are several careers in this field that don’t even need a degree. If you have the required knowledge then just go for it.


This industry is also one of the fastest-growing industries in India. So, you don’t have to worry thinking about the pay. The majority of the jobs in this sector will pay you well.


Here, we have 5 interesting Health and Fitness career ideas that you can consider:


1) Personal Training:


Personal Trainer | Health & Fitness Career Ideas


If you are a fitness freak then this career idea is for you. Being a personal trainer is a good career option.


As a Personal trainer, you have to:


  • Work one on one with clients


  • Develop exercise programs specifically for them


  • Supervising the clients


  • Motivating them


  • And the most important- make sure that the clients succeed in achieving their goals


Where you can work:


  • Self-employment i.e. working from home or traveling to client’s residences for personal training


  • Commercial fitness centers.


  • Gyms


  • Hospitals


  • Colleges that have their own fitness courses


This is one of the best ideas from our list of health and fitness career ideas. You should definitely consider this and give yourself a try.


Educational Qualifications for Personal Trainer: 


*Pursuing this career requires a certificate. There are many Health and Fitness Academies where you can get certification in personal training.


2) Sports Instructor: 


Sports Instructor | Health & Fitness Career Ideas


Sports Instructors are much like coaches. They help people develop a particular kind of skill.


If you want to be a sports instructor you can be a:


  • Gymnastics coach


  • Swimming teacher


  • Ski instructor


  • Rock climbing instructor


  • Football coach etc.


A Sports Instructor works on both levels i.e. Beginner level – Teaching the basics to students and Advanced level- Helping experienced players to improve their skills.


As a Sports Instructor, you have to:


  • Teach new skills to students


  • Improve their existing skills


  • Provide basic knowledge to students


  • Motivate the students


  • Helps develop a competitive spirit within students


Where you can work:


  • Sports Academies


  • Self-employment ( you can start your own coaching club)


  • Summer Camps in schools


  • Schools and Colleges ( Academic Institutes )


  • Personal Sports Instructor


  • Private Clubs


Educational Qualifications:


*A degree in physical education/sports physiology is needed.


*Several years of experience in a particular field is also required.


We have many health and fitness career ideas for you to consider. Sports Instructor is one of the ideas you may give a chance to.


3) Occupational Therapist:


Occupational Therapist


Many people are unable to perform some basic (day-to-day) activities by themselves. In the majority of the cases, the patients experience loss of function due to some Illness or Injuries.


As an Occupational Therapist, you have to help people to regain skills like:


  • Walking, Bathing, and eating (basic skills required for a living)


  • Motor skills


  • Neurological skills


  • Reasoning abilities


  • Balance


  • Speech etc.


Where you can work:


  • Hospitals


  • Clinics


  • Health Agencies


  • Adult- Care programs


  • Rehabs


  • Prisons


Educational Qualifications:


* A PG degree in occupational therapy is required for this job.


The role of an Occupational Therapist is to help the patients regain or develop the skills which are lost.


If you like to help others then you can consider this idea from our personalized list of health and fitness career ideas.


4) Yoga Instructor:


Yoga Instructor


Yoga is as important for good health as exercise. It is a practice formulated in India centuries ago. Yoga is the most natural and peaceful form of training.


As a Yoga Instructor, you have to:


  • Lead a class through Asanas and meditation


  • Supervise each student for proper body alignment and breathing techniques


Where you can work:


  • Fitness centers


  • You can take One-on-one classes


  • Group classes


  • Provide workshops


Educational Qualifications:


  • Studied and trained under the direction of another Yoga Instructor


  • Self-study


  • Academic courses


If you are looking for some health and fitness career ideas which have a good pay scale and flexible working hours then you can shortlist this idea.


5) Rehabilitation Therapists:


Rehabilitation Therapist | Health & Fitness Career Ideas


The role of Rehabilitation Therapists is to conduct, organize and administer leisure programs.


The leisure programs should help in the recovery of patients, who are ill, physically challenged, and mentally challenged.


 As Rehabilitation Therapists you have to:


  • Organize individual or group activities


  • Ensures maximum participation from patients


  • Observe and prepare a report of each Individual’s progress


  • Training volunteers


  • Hiring and supervising paid recreation workers


Where you can work:


  • Hospitals


  • Rehabilitation Centers


  • Nursing homes


  • Homes for the aged


  • Schools having special educational programs


Educational Qualifications:


  • Degree in Rehabilitation therapy


  • Bachelors in Recreational therapy


If you want to work in this field then you have to acquire the skills for treating both adults and children.


From time to time you have to track the progress of your patients and make changes to the program accordingly.


Final Words: 


So guys, if you are crazy about health and fitness. You can try the above health and fitness career ideas. We have personalized this list specifically for our readers.


It doesn’t matter if you want to work from home, from the office, or with clients directly. These ideas will guide you to choose the perfect career for you.


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